Running Your Business With Integrity and Ethically

I love it when synchronizes just keep showing up.  Over the past couple of weeks as I have been delving into my beliefs and values to make some important mindset shifts to grow and expand.  I have really seen how important in all my business ventures (and indeed my life) it is to have strong ethics and integrity. And just to highlight the importance to me I recorded a video on this subject earlier today and only an hour or so later I had a conversation with someone who said almost word for word what I had recorded and I hadn't event uploaded the video yet.  I believe in helping people first and doing everything from a place of honesty. If you are wanting to build a strong business long term it is really important.

So it surprises me to see that there are some businesses that do not act in this way.  Whether it is taking a database without permission, disgruntled people creating negative content and placing it on social media or companies that add emails or contact details to their list without the permission of the person being added.

The quickest way to loose subscribers, trust and to create a negative profile is to add people to your list without their permission.  One it is pretty pointless as part of building your list is creating a list full of targeted people that have an interest in you and the products that you are marketing.  It is important to remember that behind every email in your list is a person and it is a great idea to treat them as a person you will get a better response.

In business you may think it is the product that people are buying into, realistically it is deeper than that.  People are buying into you.  The priority it to give lots of great value and information, to care what your customer needs and wants. To understand their pains and help them by providing solutions for them.  You are building a relationship with them the best way to build a life long audience is to care about the customer and not see them as sales or loose interest once they have bought your top product.  It is to build rapport and constantly connect and engage with them.

No body likes to be treated like a number or an email address.  People like to be treated as individuals and will always respond best to the people that understand and care about them.  Think about it if you are going to buy a new car who do you eventually buy from, a pushy sales person that just throws the cars features at you? Or the sales person that sits down with you finds out what you want for a car and then matches you with the perfect car, no pushy sale just genuinely interested in finding the best option for your needs?

That concept in itself is gold, and can make a huge difference in your conversions as you implement strategies with their needs in mind.  Giving lots of value and information first with no pushy sales or endless emails with sales links in it.

Also you may have had a negative experience with a business, I would always think carefully before you post an angry video or post on social media about the experience.  It comes down to a fundamental mindset, when you are pointing the finger and blaming someone else for something you then give up your responsibility in the equation, no matter how real it feels that they may have wronged you.  You did have a part to play and it is wiser to take responsibility for your reaction and rather than blame look at the situation and look for the key leanings you can take from it then move on.

This is not to say it is excusing poor behavior and integrity from others, rather it is empowering you to move forward and grow from the situation. Change it around from a negative to a positive.  If you are seen pointing the finger at someone publicly it can seriously damage your credibility and can loose you customers both new and existing as they loose faith in you.

Remember when dealing with data that it isn't just binary code in a data base and black and white text on a computer file.  Each line is a person and stealing peoples information that was given in good faith to one organisation is not acceptable behavior.  Would you be happy if someone stole your data and you started receiving unsolicited calls and texts?

If you build trust by caring about their data, treating them like individuals and then giving them plenty of value.  You will build lasting rapport with your clients and they will stay loyal to you, this builds your credibility.

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