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Lost Keys To Business Break Throughs, Pay It Foward

It is important when building and growing your online business that you are focused on always leveraging your time.  What does that mean?  Basically your time needs to be spent on the income generating (revenue generating) activities such as writing content that adds value to your customers, emailing your list, marketing your products (placing ads etc).

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Yesterday started very much like this for me followed by attending an informative meeting in London looking at ways to invest my money.  A key area I urge all of you to look into, once you are generating revenue pay yourself, invest a proportion back into the business, and invest a proportion so that money starts generating more money.


As I was in a rush to get back to pick up my son from day care I decided to jump into a black cab.  Giving me time to think over and decide a plan of action after the meeting  (leveraging my time).  However as I paid the cab driver and gave him a tip for his polite and friendly service, my keys fell out of my bag.  I only realised this once I had paid for the parking and was ready to pick my car up.

For 45 minutes I called logically through to people to get hold of someone that could pick

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my son up and although I could have been consumed with panic and believe me tears were shed. I suddenly realised that it would be ok, a solution would be found and that keys can be replaced. Long story short day care stayed open an extra 15 minutes, my mother picked up my son and just as I thought oh well lock smith and vehicle recovery.  The taxi driver arrived with my keys in hand.

So what does this have to do with business?  A lot!  When times get tough don't surrender to panic, always focus on the steps you can take and when you have exhausted those know that a solution will be found let go.  There will always be challenges and times where you feel out of your depth and solutions will always be found if you have the right mindset and remain calm.

It also highlighted the power of giving without expecting reward.  I gave to the taxi driver because I felt it was the right and kind thing to do.  He remembered my kindness and the chat about my son and when he found my keys drove back to deliver them to me.  Reminding me how important it is to always give back to always go the extra mile for my customers and prospective customers.  Think about what your customers need and deliver it to them without expecting a reward.  This builds rapport and trust something that is valuable as people will generally only buy / do business with people they trust.

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So with this in mind I am offering a free 1/2 strategy session with all the people who are serious about creating or building their online business.  To get your free session simply follow these steps.

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