Fear and Procrastination The Business Killer!

There are times in business whether you are new or an old hand when you are pushing

FEAR acronym concept of bravery choice in life

yourself out of your comfort zone and entering uncharted territory.  We often see fear as something to be avoided at all cost, and to be fair fight or flight which is what fear connects us to is designed to make us avoid potentially fatal situations.  However in business it is unlikely that learning a new strategy, hiring a team, etc will result in mortal danger yet it can trigger a fear response.

If you look at nature programs the first thing a deer will do when a predator approaches is to freeze, giving the animal a second to evaluate run or fight.  With this in mind it is a very useful observation.  When you are growing your business you will encounter this fear many times.  Each time it could make you freeze especially in the beginning.  The freezing phase becomes procrastination, many will bow to the fear and think;

‘well it was better in that job at least I knew I would have a regular pay check'.

Sound familiar?  I know I felt that a lot when I was getting started and it could be so strong I would think maybe this isn't for me, maybe I should stick with what I know.  However from spending time with some Elite earners at various Masterminds. I saw that their attitude was yep fear is part of life accept it and do it anyway.  The best way to beat fear it to do what scares you and keep doing it until it is no longer a fear.

Procrastination wooden sign on a beautiful dayIf you have a strong enough motivation as to why you will succeed then you will do whatever it takes to get it done.  If you are stuck in procrastination and can't get motivated to move forward then perhaps you are in the wrong business.  For me, my motivation comes for wanting the best for my son, help my mum with a retirement plan and make sure I have a retirement plan as well as being able to spend time with my family.  As well as my lifelong passion for helping people.

This was so strong that no matter what I was scared of if I was advised by the top earners to do it I would. If I felt low I would listen to motivational pod casts and videos to keep my mind energised and positive.  I can't emphasize enough how important it is to be surrounded by other business owners and successful entrepreneurs in helping you beat fears and procrastination.

Attending live training events, being part of a mastermind group, going to live mastermind events will help you grow your knowledge base, contact book and maintain momentum and the right success mindset to achieve results.  Having mentors and coaches who are already succeeding in the area that you want to succeed in is also invaluable.  It can be hard to maintain this if you are on your own and many people that take the attitude they can do it themselves 100% they will fail or give up.

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Everyone who has achieved the results you are looking for in your business will have had these moments themselves however they pushed them selves forwards and kept taking action doing what 90% of people wouldn't do.  They have made mistakes along the way so connecting with these people is great. It can help you avoid some costly mistakes, and you will still make mistakes and that's OK as long as you learn why something went wrong and correct it.

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