Clarity And Focus Key to Success

I can't emphasize enough how important Clarity and Focus is in achieving success in any part of your life. If you are not 100% crystal clear about what it is that you want to achieve in your business, personal life, etc then how do you know that what you are doing on the day to day is going to get you there? FOCUS

It's a bit like trying to navigate a maze in the dark, randomly walking around bumping into things, hoping that you are headed in the right direction. Think about this a little, it sounds ridiculous doesn't it? So then can you say that you are 100% clear on what you want? If not then perhaps now is the time to get clear so you can create a proper plan of action.

Only through clarity can you gain a laser like focus, where you are taking regular consistent steps to get you to your end point. The best way to get clarity is grab a note pad and pen and then sit and write a list of what you want to achieve in your personal life, for your health and business life.  Feel free to add in more sections as you feel necessary (such as relationships).

ClarityIf you are finding it difficult to list what you want to achieve then start with a list of what you do not want in those areas.  Once you have written a list then look at it again and think about  how you can change the focus of each point to what you do want ie I don't want to live in this house any more, this in the positive would be a statement about moving to a new place (with details about what the new place would be).  I don't want to fail at business, refocus this to what would your business be if it was successful; how many clients would you have, what would your income be etc etc.

Once you have your lists then circle the top 5-6 in each area; these would be the things that you would want even if everything else on the list was no longer possible.  These will be your key points to structure your goals around and then from there you can then set mini goals and set up an action plan so you know what action you need to take on a regular basis to get you to your goals.

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