Advertising Your Business – Master The Basics

Whether you are looking at running your first ad campaign or you have been running ad campaigns already.  It is important to know who you are advertising to before you even think about clicking on the ad manager on Bing or Facebook, or printing sales material for offline marketing strategies.

Do you know who your avatar is?  By avatar I do not mean the blue creature running around in a glowing green planet. I mean who is your ideal customer/client.  What do they look like, what are their habits, how old are they, is there a specific gender your product is for, what are their pains, what are their challenges, and most importantly how can you help them.  hat value can you give them to solve a pain/challenge in their life so that they have an interest in you?  Enough interest to give you their email address?

By knowing your avatar you can then search for the areas that they will be searching for to look for solutions for their challenges/pains.  You can then use keyword tools to look at keyword groups and other target words that will be useful in your adverts.

Some people shy away from using negative statements in adverts, however I find that if you know your avatar well then ask them a question that will tap into their pain point then swiftly follow with a solution and a call to action this will often have a good response!

It is important to know that whatever strategy you opt for having a strong lead magnet will always help.  What is a lead magnet?  A lead magnet is simply something that you offer your perspective client for free, generally an ebook, report, or simple hacks sheet that will help them solve an issue that they have.  So the lead magnet must be highly relevant to your avatar.  This is offered in exchange for their email so you can then follow up with a series of emails.  This is where you build rapport with your list constantly giving them value, value , value.

Put a call to action at the bottom of the message however it is important not to push products or sales on them as this is a surefire way to loosing them to the unsubscribe button.  Remember you are building a relationship with these people so that they see you an an expert and someone who has integrity and is trust worthy.



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