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7 Key Attributes Of Top Earners – Prioritizing Income Generating Activities

All top earners are experts at getting the maximum out of their 24 hour day, making sure the time used wisely and efficiently.  Making sure that they are prioritizing money revenue generating activities first.

Either by starting their day; by immediately taking on tasks such as emailing their lists or placing (and checking) any ads they are running. Or generating new content, all these activities are revenue generating.

Checking emails, clicking on peoples furry animal videos on YouTube or Facebook is not a good way to start the day.  It is a surefire way of loosing several minutes even hours in a state of procrastination.

I found that those that do not immediately start their day with such activities will start their day with activities such as, exercise, motivational videos, mindset audios, meditation. Followed immediately after by their revenue generating activities.  These people found that by giving to themselves and their minds they are motivated and in the right ‘head space' to get ‘stuck in' to their high priority ‘to do' list.

Why is this so important?

The best answer I was given buy an internet entrepreneur who in only 5 years has taken his business from $0 to over $150,000,000. He stated that it is important to start the day productive, because this will impact how you finish the day (productive!). If you start the day unproductively this is 99.9% likely the way you will also end the day. So therefore, always start with the most important tasks.

They also never put off what can be done today for tomorrow, when it comes to income generating activities. If there is a whole host of tasks on their to do list that isn't in the top priority then they will out source these tasks, rather than use up their valuable time on them.

This is how you need to see yourself. Taking action, and focusing that action on the few tasks that will generate you income. If you want to learn more about this and how you can build a successful online business for yourself then follow these steps…

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